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The following Alumni have contacted us through this website in order to make themselves known to other Erindale graduates--students, staff, and teachers--and to extend the "Raider" community. If you are interested in joining our list of E.S.S. alumni on the internet, please complete this short form and your information will be added below.


Alphabetical List
Alexander Abbona janda@rogers.com 1994 Mississauga, ON
Andrew Abbona andrewabbona@hotmail.com 1992 Mississauga, ON
Lori Abbott lori_abbott@hp.com 1993 Mississauga, ON
Sandy Abbott (Bozinis) ckdunne@sympatico.ca 1982 Ajax, ON
Sheri Abbott ( Wright ) ckdunne@sympatico.ca 1988 Pickering, ON
Paul Abela pabela@orenda.com 1980 Barrie, ON
Shaima Abid shaima101@hotmail.com 2002 Mississauga, ON
Lynn Aboud djorgensen@cogeco.ca 1979 Georgetown, ON
Michael Abraham michaelabraham_ca@yahoo.com 1984 Vancouver, BC
Aaron Abrams aaron_d_abrams@hotmail.com 1998 Victoria, BC
Sharon Adamco s.adamco@aliceadsl.fr 1989 Paris, France
Amanda Adams Amanda79Adams@yahoo.ca 1998 Toronto, ON
Crystal Adams rdybr@hotmail.com 1993 Hamilton, ON
Tracy Adams "Wouters" countrywouts@yahoo.ca 1990 Campbellville, ON
Janet Adamson (Coleman) brcoleman@rogers.com 1973 Mississauga, ON
Ptiya Agarwal priyaagarwal7@hotmail.com 2005 Mississauga, ON
Shakeeb Ahmed shakeeb_ahmed@yahoo.com 1984 Sunnyvale, CA
Glenn Ainsworth glenna@netscape.ca 1980 Rondeau, ON
Dikran Aivazian aivazian@stanford.edu 1990 Palo Alto, CA
Erik Aivazian rikk75@hotmail.com 1994 Chicago, IL
Sonia Akerman akerman76@yahoo.ca 1996 Guelph, ON
Aftab Alam aalam@direct.mazda.ca 1987 Mississauga , ON
Roderick Albrecht rottweiler@sympatico.ca 1978 Toronto, ON
Natasha Alcorn natashaalcorn@hotmail.com 1999 Mississauga, ON
Mark Alderman aldermanm@burlington.ca 1981 Mississauga, ON
Kate Alexander (Laughland) klaughland1@cogeco.ca 1980 Milton, ON
Peter Alfonsi peter.alfonsi@sympatico.ca 1981 Mississauga, ON
Osman Ali moa3@cornell.edu 1999 Ithaca, NY
Angie Allan angie.allan@sympatico.ca 1993 Toronto, ON
Chara Allan (Kirkman) chara_kirkman@msn.com 1991 Washington, DC
Dan Allan dan.allan@rogers.comm 2007 Mississauga, ON
Jane Allan (MacPherson) jmacpherson10@cogeco.ca 1974 Oakville, ON
Peter Allan peter.allan@rogers.com 1980 Mississauga, ON
Carolyn Allard cocoallard@yahoo.com 1987 San Diego, CA
John Allard johnpallard@rogers.com 1986 Newmarket, ON
Candace Allen 0cla@qlink.queensu.ca 2001 Vancouver, BC
J. B. Allen jballen@sig1855.com 1974 New York, NY
Mark Allerton Mark_Allerton@Ademco.Com 1987 Ottawa, ON
Shannon Alterio sia_13@yahoo.com 2003 Mississauga, ON
Ahmed Alzaidi ethicalslut@gmail.com 1989 Toronto, ON
Hala Alzaidi h_alzaidi@hotmail.com 1991 Mississauga, ON
Joseph Amaral wayupnorth@coastrange.ca 1988 Yellowknife,NWT
Manuel Amaral jaqman@ubernet.co.nz 1980 Ngunguru ,NZ
Jason Ames rescueman409@hotmail.com 1990 Cold Lake, AB
Jeff Ames jeff@safebridgefinancial.com 1992 Toronto, ON
Louise Munnoch Anderson louise_munnoch@yahoo.com 1979 New South Wales, Australia
Richard Andrew wcja@sympatico.ca 1980 KItchener, ON
Holly Angus hangus@cogeco.ca 1981 Hamilton, ON
Kevin Antille kantille@mobility.com 1990 Vancouver, BC
Jason Antony j.antony@shaw.ca 1988 Vancouver, BC
Karin Appelhoff (Emmons) kemmons@clemson.edu 1972 Anderson, SC
Jeff Appleton(Paradis) suzyandjeff@sympatico.ca 1986 Mississauga, ON
Marnie Appleton (Folsetter) mfolsetter@plantprod.com 1991 Hamilton, ON
Jarrod Armour sweetfights@rogers.com 1984 Mississauga, ON
Richard Armstrong richard@afrodeejiac.com 1998 Mississauga, ON
Brian Arndt barndt@ndlea.com 1988 Vancouver, BC
Erin Arnold (Lyons) emlyons71@gmail.com 1990 Mississauga, ON
Lawrence Aronson lehibou@sympatico.ca 1973/FONT> Mississauga, ON
Jennifer Ash (Johnston) jenniferjohnston16@gmail.com 2000 Cincinnati, OH
Christina Ashberry (Bishop) cbishop@rowanfloor.com 1984 Newmarket, ON
Lyn Ashcroft (Hurd) ski2days@hotmail.com 1978 Dawson Creek, BC
Crystal Ashton crystal.ashton@gmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Dan Ashton danimal_ashton@hotmail.com 1997 Milton, ON
Mark Ashton markashton_2001@hotmail.com 2004 Mississauga, ON
Tim Ashton tim_ashton@hotmail.com 1999 Oakville, ON
Suzanne Asmus (Holwell) suz@michaelandsuzanne.com 1994 Mississauga, ON
Nadeem Asrar nadeem_asrar@hotmail.com 1997 New York, NY
Mohamed-Ali Atcha md_ali_atcha@hotmail.com 1991 Mississauga, ON
Robert Athey robathey@rogers.com 1978 Mississauga, ON
Helen Attwood helen.attwood@gm.com 1993 Mississauga, ON
Jocelyn Attwood jattwood@cara.com 1990 Mississauga, ON
Trudie Auty (Hynes) trudie.hynes@genmills.com 1996 Etobicoke, ON
Karen Avison (Koop) kavsion@grand.com 1989 Burlington, ON
Sarah Awan sarahawan@gmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Cathy Ayley cathya@rom.on.ca 1981 Mississauga, ON
Rebecca Ayres (Booth) rebayr@yahoo.ca 1995 Mississauga, ON
Maryanne Azachee (Burchill) maryanne.burchill@rbc.com 1983 Mississauga, ON
Adnan Azam adnanazam@gmail.com 1994 Brampton, ON
Salman Azam salman@shaw.ca 1991 Surrey, BC
Hussain Azouz h.azouz@utoronto.ca 1996 Toronto, ON
David Babcock david@angusforest.com 1980 Caledon East, ON
Debbie Babcock (Campbell) debwicca@yahoo.ca 1973 Mississauga, ON
Jason Babony se7enty5@hotmail.com 1994 Niagara Falls, ON
C.Shane Babony sbabony@cfmcorp.com 1992 Waterdown, ON
Sheri Bage (Ballantyne) sheri.ballantyne@sympatico.ca 1991 Ajax, ON
Sue Baggetta (Skrypetz) s.furlone@sympatico.ca 1980 Oakville, ON
Joe Baggetta joe@atlasstoneandtile.com 1981 Burlington, ON
Barbara Bailes bailesb@aecl.ca 1975 Mississauga, ON
Christine Baillie (Baillie-Boland) vball_333@hotmail.com 1997 Niagara Falls, ON
Heather Baird h.baird@shaw.ca 1975 Calgary, AB
Jenna Baird jenna_baird@hotmail.com 1997 Toronto, ON
Katie Baker katiebaker@hotmail.com 1992 Mississauga, ON
Simon Baker simonbaker@hotmail.com 1989 Streetsville, ON
Koushi Bakirathan koushi_b@hotmail.com 2003 Mississauga, ON
Sam Bakos samuelguitar@rogers.com 1994 Mississauga, ON
Ryan Baldeo ryan.baldeo@utoronto.ca 1996 Mississauga, ON
David Balke david.balke@utoronto.ca 1987 Pickering, ON
Jennifer Ball (Stevens) mj.stevens@sympatico.ca 1988 Burlington, ON
Marianne Ball (Boccongelle) JSBoccon@sympatico.ca 1986 Toronto, ON
Rob Ballantyne robballantyne@shaw.ca 1982 Calgary, AB
Steve Ballantyne ssballant@aol.com 1978 Erin, ON
Judy Banks tanse7@hotmail.com 1977 Kamloops, BC
Brenda Bannerman russ.lewis3@verizon.net 1973 New Rochelle, NY
Colin Bannerman cjbannerman@shaw.ca 1976 Calgary, AB
Dushyant Bansal dbansal@uwaterloo.ca 1996 Waterloo, ON
Jo Ann (Vandenheuvel) Barber joannbarber@rogers.com 1981 Cambridge, ON
Ashley Barker sweetstuff_04@hotmail.com 2002 Mississauga, ON
Mike Barker mbarker24@hotmail.com 1985 Castle Donington, England
Tiffany Barker (Sloan) barker_tiffany@hotmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Tony Barker ex747driver@hotmail.com 1980 Bracebridge, ON
Stephanie Barluk (Turner) ggooddnewss@hotmail.com 1976 George Town Grand Cayman
Tom Barnes tbarnes31@hotmail.com 1988 London, ON
Jane Barnett jbarnett@bereskinparr.com 1991 Toronto, ON
Joanne Barnett Joda69@hotmail.com 1995 Toronto, ON
Glenn Barrick glenn.barrick@grosvenor.com 1979 Langley, BC
Murray Barrick mbarrick@ca.ibm.com 1976 Brampton, ON
Mark Barrie mark_barrie@videotron.ca 1987 Gatineau, QU
Steph Barrie stephbarrie@hotmail.com 1991 Burlington, ON
Cameron Barrington cameron.barrington@cognos.com 1984 Ottawa, ON
Kevin Barry kevbarry@sympatico.ca 1988 Mississauga, ON
Patrick Barrington pdbarrin@undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca 1997 Waterloo, ON
Donna Barter (Klacza) dklacza@aol.com 1970 Mississauga, ON
Kippy Bartlett kippy@joydivision.com 1990 Minnesota, MN
Peter Bartos pbartos@sympatico.ca 1986 Mississauga, ON
Julie Batcher (Dorie) jdorie@rogers.com 1988 Mississauga, ON
Andrew Bates andrewdbates@rogers.com 1993 Mississauga, ON
Julie Bates grey97@sympatico.ca 1986 Toronto , ON
Susan Batson (Feuer) susan@st2dione.com 1988 Niagara on the Lake, ON
Jerry Battcock jbattcock@cogeco.ca 1979 Georgetown, ON
Marilyn Baxter marilynlbaxter@hotmail.com 1981 Quebec City, QU
Shiva Bayati sbayati@hotmail.com 1992 Vancouver, BC
Sarah Beagley sarah@lionsun.co.uk 1990 East Sussex, UK
Andrea Beanland-Whiting whitingandrea@hotmail.com 1996 Mississauga, ON
Laurel Beatty (Fortin) laurel@bodyreflex.com 1989 London, ON
Liz Beatty Liz@lizbeatty.com 1981 Caledon, ON
Mark Beaulieu markbea@sympatico.ca 1971 Madoc, ON
Mark J. Bedford mbedford@sbcglobal.net 1975 Santa Cruz, CA
Sara Bedford sb1677@hotmail.com 1996 Mississauga, ON
Jeff Beeler jabeeler@ebtech.net 1983 Sarnia, ON
Lisa Bederman msbederman@hotmail.com 1991 Toronto, ON
Grace Beekhuizen gramar51903@yahoo.ca 1980 Oakville, ON
Barbara Bell (Chomski) barbara.chomski@redcross.ca 1970 Mississauga, ON
Betsy Bell (McKimm) redsbest@rogers.com 1974 Toronto, ON
Brian Bell Brian.Bell@ontario.ca 1972 Toronto, ON
Kimberly Bell (Pereira) kim.pereira896@gmail.com 1989 Goeblange , Luxembourg
Sandy Bellos sbellos@sympatico.ca 1988 Mississauga, ON
Tracey Benn-Herchell ntherchell@excite.com 1981 Plymouth, MA
Gerald Benner gbenner411@hotmail.com 2000 Stevensville, ON
David Benwell benwelld@yahoo.com 1977 Santa Monica, CA
Gavin Bequiri the_angry_beaver_show@hotmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Adrian Berg aob@sympatico.ca 1986 Mississauga, ON
Erik Berg nancy_and_erik@hotmail.com 1984 Toronto, ON
Ingrid Berlanda ( Mack ) imack8@telus.net 1972 Richmond, BC
Celeste Bernard the_celestial_1@hotmail.com 2002 Mississauga, ON
Michele Bernard (Harradence) jharradence@shaw.ca 1987 Calgary, AB
Jane Berrisford janie_s_berrisford@yahoo.ca 1987 Summerland, BC
Susan Berry (Jegeris) sjegeris@persona.ca 1986 Ennismore, ON
Michelle Bertrand michellebertrand509@hotmail.com 1997 Toronto, ON
Karen Best (Elias) karenbest@hotmail.com 1995 Brampton, ON
Ken Best kenmel@sympatico.ca 1992 Mississauga, ON
Terry Beutel beutet@tdbank.ca 1988 Toronto, ON
Brett Beyer brett_beyer@hotmail.com 2001 London/Nassau, ON/Bahamas
Candice Biddles c.w.biddles@gmail.com 2002 Mississauga, ON
Rikki Bharadwaj rrbharad@hotmail.com 1995 Toronto, ON
Ronni Bharadwaj Ronni.Bharadwaj@cibc.ca 1996 Toronto, ON
Aneal Bharratt anealb@gmail.com 1997 Mississauga, ON
Natasha Bharratt-Bukhari pnb.bukhari@gmail.com 1992 Toronto, ON
Mohsin Bhatti argyllsrock@hotmail.com 1996 Hamilton, ON
Tom Bibic tbibic@hotmail.com 1991 Aylmer, QU
Chris Bible (Croome) bookcats@canada.com 1993 Keswick, ON
Mitzi Billesdon (McGirl) mitzi.mcgirl@comcast.net 1985 Hampton, NH
Pat Billings (Williams) pawilliams@rogers.com 1976 Ottawa, ON
Michael Billings mikeybgood@hotmail.com 1980 Mississauga, ON
Laura Bilyea laura.bilyea@3web.net 1988 Brampton, ON
Steven Bilyea sbilyea@hotmail.com 1992 Mississauga, ON
Dev Bingham mlouella@cogeco.ca 1978 Oakville, ON
Colin Bingle erindaless@gmail.com 1978 Austin, TX
Laura Binns (Camilleri) camilleril@greyhighlands.ca 1989 Shelburne , ON
Esme Birrell esachs@cogeco.ca 1977 Burlington, ON
Christine Bishop (Magee) cmagee@sleepcountry.ca 1978 Oakville, ON
Dave Bissell daveb@royallepagevernon.com 1977 Vernon, B.C.
Douglas Black dsblack@rogers.com 1977 Aurora, ON
Harold Tony Black tonyblack1965@rogers.com 1984 London, ON
Bill Blair wrblair@sympatico.ca 1974 London, ON
Chris Blair cblair@sympatico.ca 1972 Cambridge, ON
Sonya Blake wazzette@yahoo.ca 1988 Guelph, ON
Cheryl Blakely cherylblakely@hotmail.com 1993 Vancouver, BC
Jeanne Blewett (Grobowsky) jgrobowsky3312@rogers.com 1980 Newmarket, ON
Jordan Blofield bubba_1980@hotmail.com 2001 Mississauga, ON
John Bloomfield jiba29@hotmail.com 1993 Mississauga, ON
Rachael Bloomfield rachaelb@sympatico.ca 1991 Mississauga, ON
Sam Bloxam sdnbloxam@yahoo.ca 1974 Parry Sound, ON
John Boat Boatrain@boat.ca 1997 Auckland, NZ
Curt Bocz cldbocz@sympatico.ca 1984 Mississauga, ON
Tibor Bocz tibor.bocz@honeywell.com 1982 Mississauga, ON
Rick Boekestyn rboekestyn@telus.net 1977 Cranbrook, BC
Dan Boisvert dboisvert@transre.com 1988 NY, NY
Stephen Boisvert sboisvert@hotmail.com 1986 Toronto, ON
Aman Bolla amanbolla@rogers.com 1991 ., ON
Brian Bondy bbondy@sympatico.ca 1987 Brian Bondy, ON
Andrew Bonnett andrew_bonnett@hotmail.com 1992 Cancun, Mex
Shari Bonsteel shari_bonsteel@hotmail.com 1994 Etobicoke, ON
Suzanne Book sbook3@uwo.ca l978 London, ON
Brett Boone brett.boone@hotmail.com l988 Seattle, Wash
Jennie Booth jenniebooth@hotmail.com l999 Mississauga, ON
Adam Borden adamborden@sbcglobal.net 1997 The Woodlands, Texas
Adrienne Borys (Monaco) WonderWoman6806@hotmail.com 1987 Lockport, NY
Mylène Borys (Tomkin) mtomkin@cogeco.ca 1991 Oakville, ON
Frances E. Bosch fbosch@roanoke.edu 1990 Roanoke, Va
Erik Bostock great_nothing@hotmail.com 2001 Petawawa, ON
Mary Boucher (Bradley) dboucher006@sympatico.ca 1974 Barrie, ON
Erik Boudreau boudree@yahoo.com 1995 Toronto, ON
Adam Bourque adam.bourque@sympatico.ca 1989 Toronto, ON
Christine Bourque ckbourque@hotmail.com 1983 Greely, ON
Debbie Bowers(Shiffman) debbieshiffman@gmail.com 1972 St Petersburg, FL
Brad Boyd brad@coxcominc.com 1979 Rockwood, ON
Chris Boyd cboyd@tuxcom.com 1982 Port Credit, ON
Lori Boyd (McHenry) lori.mchenry@hotmail.com 1978 Erin ON
Stacey Boyd staceyjohnston@rogers.com 1982 Barrie, ON
Alan Boyko alan.boyko@gmail.com 1998 Chicago, IL.
Ron Boyko cokefireball@hotmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Sharla Boyle sharlahardie@yahoo.ca 1989 Yarrow, BC
Jeff Bradford Jeff_Bradford@globaltotaloffice.com 1979 Mississauga, ON
Susan Bradford susan.bradford@pwgsc.gc.ca 1976 New Lowell, ON
Melanie Bradshaw (Smith) mgbs2000@hotmail.com 1988 Mississauga, ON
David Brand dbrand@dragon.net.au 1974 Sydney, New South Wales
Michael Brand mjbrand@telus.net 1973 Taber , AB
Joe Brandolino joe@brandolino.ca 1979 Oakville, ON
Jackie Bray jackiebray@sympatico.ca 1979 Mississauga, ON
Janet Bray (Thomson) jthomson1@msn.com 1978 Oakville, ON
Jeff Bray jeff_bray@sympatico.ca 1982 Mississauga, ON
Tim Breadner tbreadner@cogeco.ca 1984 Grimsby, ON
Paul Breadner suebreadner@hotmail.com 1976 Guelph, ON
Scott Breard sales@hotshotscanada.com 1992 Mississauga, ON
Rick Breithaupt rbreithaupt@sympatico.ca 1970 Innisfil, ON
Andrea Breuer bru_ab@hotmail.com 1997 Mississauga, ON
Tom Breuer tom_breuer@yahoo.com 1996 Ottawa, ON
Cheryl Breuls (Cavell) cheryl.cavell@rogers.com 1975 Stittsville, ON
Samantha Brewster samanthab67@hotmail.com 1986 Mississauga, ON
Karen Bridson-Boyczuk karen.bridson@sympatico.ca 1992 Toronto, ON
Louise Brissenden louisek9@hotmail.com 1973 Coldwater, ON
Doug Brittan doug.brittan@rogers.blackberry.net 1988 Woodstock, ON
Scot Brockbank freeriderssnowboarding@sympatico.ca 1987 Toronto, ON
Mr. L. Brocklebank jeanlar@sympatico.ca 1992 Barrie, ON
Terri Brooke protet@tdbank.ca 1986 ??
Richard Brower outturn@email.com 1980 Vancouver, BC
Paul Brophy paul.brophy@mac.com 1980 Toronto, ON
Ainsley Brown homelessbrown@hotmail.com 1999 Mississauga, ON
Chris Brown Chrisbrown7@gmail.com 1999 Burlington, ON
Don Brown balmy43@hotmail.com 1973 Toronto, ON
Elizabeth Brown vcbrown@sgci.com 1990 Kitchener, ON
Kim Brown (Gilbert) msg4kim@telus.net 1989 Wetaskiwin, AB
Kim Brown (Kelly) kimckelly@rogers.com 1990 Mississauga, ON
Kimberley Brown (Gilbert) msg4kim@telus.net 1989 Wetaskiwin, AB
Lesley Brown littleb_79@hotmail.com 1998 Mississauga, ON
ONeil Brown oneilbrown@hotmail.com 1989 Mississauga, ON
Rob Brown robert_brown@netron.com 1987 London, UK
Stephanie Brown britgirl1826@yahoo.com 1986 Mississauga, ON
Stuart Brown essteeyou@gmail.com 1998 Toronto, ON
Vicky Brown (Zenger) zengerra@msn.com 1987 Oak Harbor, Wash
Cathy Browning browningc@sympatico.ca 1980 Burlington, ON
Michael Browning browning@ionsys.com 1977 Oakville, ON
Nicole Browning nbrowning@cfl.rr.com 1992 Orlando, Fla
Andrea Bruce aerdna16@hotmail.com 2001 Mississauga, ON
Brett Bruce brett.bruce@sympatico.ca 1984 Oakville, ON
Dave Bruce dave@bit.on.ca 1984 Bancroft, ON
Mark Bruyea mark@cucinacaffe.com 1987 Toronto, ON
Sigrid Bryant (Venner) svenner@rogers.com 1978 Mississauga, ON
Chris Buchanan csbuchan@alumni.uwaterloo.ca 1994 Waterloo, ON
Ian Buchanan cairos@telusplanet.net 1986 Lethbridge, AB
Andrew Buckle andrew.buckle@utoronto.ca 2002 Toronto, ON
Coby Budgell ballz2dawall@hotmail.com 1994 Mississauga, ON
Rob Bulgarelli bulgarellir@aecl.ca 1988 Brampton, ON
Bruce Bullock bullockfinancial@hotmail.com 1989 Caledon, ON
Rob Bullock robbullock555@hotmail.com 1974 Mississauga, ON
Julie Burch (Wright) wrights011@msn.com 1980 Delray Beach, Fl
Raymond Burch rburch@albertamail.com 1977 Edmonton, AB
Cori Burchell corib@sympatico.ca 1980 Toronto, ON
Suzan Burga (Avanesi) Suzan1330@hotail.com 1983 Newmarket, ON
Deborah Burgess (Haire) deborah.haire@brewers.com 1991 Mississauga, ON
Jillian Buriak jillian.buriak@ualberta.ca 1986 Edmonton, AB
Robin Buriak robin@lotusartsupplies.com 1989 Lion's Bay, BC
Leone Burnett (Yaciuk) yaciuk@3web.net 1987 Mississauga, ON
Michele Burnett (Dormer) mikkidormer@rogers.com 1990 Mississauga, ON
Katherine Burns (Sim) sim.s@sympatico.ca 1990 Cambridge, ON
Graham Burton graham101@sympatico.ca 1978 Oakville, ON
Susan Bush (Maurice) sue.maurice@mississauga.ca 1992 Milton, ON
Jordan Bushell Kattan38@hotmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Charlie Buss chuckbuss@hotmail.com 2003 Mississauga, ON
Chris Butcher cjfbutcher@yahoo.ca 1997 Oakville, ON
Chris Butler cbutler333@yahoo.ca 1992 Oakville, ON
Rob Butterfield mbutterfield1@cogeco.ca 1985 Burlington, ON
Jeff Bye jeff.bye@newhorizonsolutions.com 1986 Oakville, ON
Chris Byrne cbyrne@microsoft.com 1987 Toronto, ON
Richard Caceres sales@digi-code.com 1981 Clarkston, MI
Alison Campbell (Christopher) reach_alison@hotmail.com 2000 Glasgow, Scotland
Brent Campbell bcampbell@mhpm.com 1985 Toronto, On
Jen Campbell jennifer.campbell@mississauga.ca 1992 Oakville, On
Marie Campbell yippy_yippy_yippy@yahoo.com 1993 Vancouver, BC
Marilyn Campbell (Robertson) marilyn.robertson@kraft.com 1974 Mississauga, ON
Tracey Campbell (Valentine) arthex@sympatico.ca 1989 Oakville, ON
Milverton (Mel) Campbell mel_campbell@hp.com 1987 Calgary, AB
Rob Campbell rcampbell@pwssc.gen.ak.us 1991 Cordova, AK
Adrian Caporaletti holamc@yahoo.com/FONT> 1998 Toronto, ON
Carla Cappuccitti ccappuccitti@ctv.ca 1989 Toronto, ON
Nicolas "Nico" Carbajales el_chico_original@yahoo.com 1999 Vancouver, BC
Janine Carlson (Ivings) jivings@oakville.ca 1995 Oakville, ON
Chris Caron ccaron@sandersgreenhouses.com 1990 Chelmsford, ON
David Caron abracadave@hotmail.com 1991 Mississauga, ON
Geoff Carruthers gcarruthers@acosta.com 1986 Hamilton, ON
Andrea Carter andinaca@yahoo.com 1996 Mississauga, ON
Liz Carter kizzybean@rogers.com 1981 Toronto, ON
Nancy Carter n.carter@sympatico.ca 1983 Hamilton, ON
David Carway DavidCarway@hotmail.com 1974 Ajax , ON
Tracy Case ( Buehler) rbuehler@rogers.com 1976 Mississauga, ON
Adam Cassidy adamcassidy@hotmail.com 1995 Mississauga, ON
Scott Cathcart scottie@idirect.ca 1997 Mississauga, ON
Don Cavanagh don_cavanagh@rjburnside.com 1982 Orangeville, ON
Lisa (Russell) Cavanagh kcavanagh@sprint.ca 1984 Mississauga, ON
Marci Cavell (Bakker) marci.bakker@neilsondairy.com 1991 Burlington, ON
Rene Chakraborty rchakrab@itiassociates.com/FONT> 1995 Oshawa, ON
Lena Chamely (Isely) info@lenaiselyphotography.com 1985 Plantation, FL
Jim Chamney jpchamney@yahoo.com 1972 Stoney Creek, ON
Jennifer Champion (Chataway) rschataway@sympatico.ca 1990 Mississauga, ON
Claudia Chan ykcchan@accessv.com 1997 Mississauga, ON
Grace Chan GraceChan@alumni.uwaterloo.ca 1999 Mississauga, ON
Kenny Chan kenny_chan@munwah.ca 1997 Mississauga, ON
Meagan Chanady meagan@hsj.co.nz 1996 Wellington, NZ
M. Chancey mchancey@nfld.com 1991 St. John's, Nfld
Susan Chancey (Rubin) seylish@hotmail.com 1988 St. John's, NL
Chris Chang cchang05@schulich.yorku.ca 2001 Mississauga, ON
Rob Chang robbychang@gmail.com 1995 Mississauga, ON
Brent Chantler bwc1@sympatico.ca 1997 Mississauga, ON
Jaclyn Chantler jaclynchantler@gmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Holly Chapman hollychapman@live.ca 1998 Mississauga, ON
Spiro Charalabopoulos burocrat@msn.com 1995 Port Charlotte, FL
Suzanne Chaddock suzanne21@rogers.com 1976 Barrie, ON
Daniel Chater daniel.chater@gmail.com 1986 Collingwood, ON
Matthew Chater rainforest_matt@yahoo.ca 1991 North Vancouver, BC
Aman Chatha amanchatha@rogers.com 1994 Mississauga, ON
Artemis Cheng (Hall) artemis_hall@yahoo.ca 1988 Toronto, ON
Trevor Cherwaiko trevcher@yahoo.ca 1985 Georgetown, ON
Cynthia Cheung cyn_only@yahoo.com 1998 Mississauga, ON
Nancy Cheung 8nmc@qlink.queensu.ca 1998 Kingston, ON
Monica Chhabra monicachh@gmail.com 1993 Mississauga, ON
Susanne Chia susanne@burntstew.bc.ca 1992 Pemberton, BC
Marina Chiovetti mchiovetti@hotmail.com 1995 Toronto, ON
Clayton Chisholm claychisholm@yahoo.ca 1999 Geogetown, ON
Krista Chisholm (LaVack) lavackkm@potsdam.edu 1992 Massena, NY
Rafia Chishti rafia_c@yahoo.com 2002 Mississauga, ON
Benson Chiu benson.chiu@gmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Cartland Chiu target_best_system@yahoo.com 1997 Mississauga, ON
Caralen Chiu caralen@hotmail.com 1998 Mississauga, ON
Gwendoline Chiu gwendolinechiu@yahoo.com.hk 1996 Hong Kong,
Ron Chiu ron_chiu78@hotmail.com 1997 Markham, ON
Rosemary Chiu rosemary.chiu@hotmail.com 1996 Mississauga, ON
Helen Chmielinski helen.chmielinski@scotiabank.com 1976 Lakefield, ON
Phillip Chmielinski pchmielinski@ca.panasonic.com 1981 Etobicoke, ON
Loretta Choi lorettachoi@hotmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
David Chong dchong@nideacorp.com 1993 Oakville, ON
Naveen Chopra naveen5030@hotmail.com 1987 Oakville, ON
Dave Chorney davidchorney@hotmail.com 1994 New York, NY
Joanna Chow joanna_chow@hotmail.com 1998 Mississauga, ON
Rose Christie (Francis) rosefrancis@sympatico.ca 1972 Oakville, ON
Mike Chrysler mchrysler2000@hotmail.com 2001 Brampton, ON
Ani Chudasama ani@chudasama.com 2000 Toronto, ON
Anu Chudasama anuchudasama@hotmail.com 2001 Madison, WI
Elena Chudin (Hufton) ehufton@rogers.com 1985 Mississauga, ON
Dimples (Deepika) Chugh chugusa@hotmail.com 1995 Buffalo, NY
Cindy Churchill-McCord tcmcurch@webtv.net 1981 Pennsylvania
Sean Clancy sclanrc@yahoo.ca 1990 St. John's, NF
Liz Clark lizclark26@hotmail.com 1994 Toronto, ON
Sharon Clark sharonca_clark@yahoo.ca 1982 Mississauga, ON
Stephanie Clark cookie_sgc@hotmail.com 1998 Toronto, ON
Alanna Clarke (Lyons) klyons@bww.com 1981 Burlington, ON
Janelle Clarke (Guthrie) janelleguthrie@canada.com 1997 Mississauga, ON
Sarah K. Clarke mollyres@yahoo.com 1987 Toronto, ON
Tenesha Clarke tenesha_clarke@hotmail.com 2001 Mississauga, ON
Jennifer Cleghorn jennifercleghorn@trentu.ca 2003 Mississauga, ON
Brian Clewes bclewes@clewesconsult.com 1977 Oakville, ON
Karyn Clewes kardrew@yahoo.com 1984 Kansas City
Janet L.Clewes J.Clewes@rogers.com 1979 Mississauga, ON
Sue Clutsam (Feere) sfeere@cogeco.ca 1981 Carlisle, ON
Kim Coakley (Mortillaro) kimmorti@hotmail.com 1982 Burlington, ON
Andy Coats acrom116@hotmail.com 1973 Mississauga, ON
Jennifer Coggin-Nesbitt wgoggin@sprint.ca 1982 Petawawa, ON
Jeff Cole jcbecole@rogers.com 1980 Kanata, ON
Joan Cole (Falcioni) dfalcioni@cogeco.ca 1974 Oakville, ON
Lindsay David Cole coled@saiccanada.com 1982 Ottawa, ON
Darren Coleman darren.coleman@td.com 1988 Mississauga, ON
Garth Coleman garthmoney@yahoo.com 1991 Boston, Mass.
Scott Coleman colemans@rogers.com 1988 Mississauga, ON
Julie Coleman jule@rogers.com 1986 Mississauga, ON
Susie Coleman susanc@rogers.com 1990 Mississauga, ON
Matthew Coles artofmatthewcoles@gmail.com 1990 Georgetown, ON
Candace Collins (Alikakos) candace.collins@ca.ey.com 1991 Oakville, ON
Tannis Collinson (Sherwood) dan.sherwood@rogers.com 1981 Bolton, ON
Danny Collis danny@collisnunesgroup.com 1984 Newmarket, ON
Kevin Collis kevinc@steelite-canada.com 1989 Burlington, ON
Tracey J. Comba (Salewski) jicado@look.ca 1988 Mississauga, ON
Meaghan Commeford mcommeford@hotmail.com 1999 Kingston, ON
Jeffery P. Commission jcommission@hotmail.com 1994 New York, NY
Robert Conforzi rconforzi@sympatico.ca 1994 Mississauga, ON
Dave Connolly davecon55@hotmail.com 1973 Oakville, ON
Russell Connolly info@anthonyrussellinc.com 1984 Toronto, ON
Dave Connor gps4911@rogers.com 1977 Mississauga, ON
Sally Contenta sccan21@hotmail.com 1992 Halifax, NS
John Coo goldleaf@sympatico.ca 1976 Ottawa, ON
James Cook jxc23596@gsk.com 1992 Mississauga, ON
Kim Cook (McDonald) kimberlyacook@worldnet.att.net 1974 Chicago, USA
Mike Cook mike_cook@hotmail.com ?? Etobicoke, ON
Patti Cook (Laurie) Laurieclan@sympatico.ca 1986 Mississauga, ON
Sarah Coombes (Gallant) sarah.coombes@shaw.ca 1991 Calgary, AB
Jennifer Cooper jen_c_ca@yahoo.com 1994 Mississauga, ON
Pamela Cooper (Brown) pbrown@cbdisplaypac.ca 1977 Oakville, ON
Susanne Cooper susanne.c@rogers.com 1990 Toronto, ON
Blair Copeland bc333@hotmail.com 1995 Mississauga, ON
Heather Copeland daisygirl28@hotmail.com 2002 Mississauga, ON
Michael Copland michael.copland@jus.gov.on.ca 1986 Toronto, ON
Michael Corbett michael.corbett17@gmail.com. 1996 Halifax, NS.
James Corker corkops@yahoo.com 1998 Sudbury, ON
Mark Corker corker1@sympatico.ca 1975 Burlington, ON
Kent Cormack deflep88@live.ca 1985 Dollard des Ormeaux, QU
Anita Cormier (Owens) theowens@rogers.com 1986 Mississauga, ON
Jason Cormier lilcreep@hotmail.com 1992 Brantford , ON
Erin Cornell (Magee) emagee1@cogeco.ca 1994 Georgetown, ON
Erick Cornfoot erick_cornfoot@hotmail.com 2000 London, ON
David Coscina davidcoscina@sympatico.ca 1987 Mississauga, ON
Lynn Coscina horsecoach4hire@hotmail.com 1988 Georgetown, ON
Michelle Cosgrove toblues2@aol.com 1980 Kings Park, NY
Keith Coskey keith.coskey@bell.net 1977 Waterdown, ON
Christine Cosmo 9cmc1@qlink.queensu.ca 1999 Kingston, ON
Wayne Costello wayne.costello@sympatico.ca 1982 Mississauga, ON
Christiane Cote christianemtcote@hotmail.com 1988 Toronto, ON
Lise Cote lise.cote@rci.rogers.com 1987 Toronto, ON
Stephane Cote onedaygreen@yahoo.com 1991 Vancouver, BC
Jason Cottam jason.cottam@bell.ca 1990 London, ON
Brian Coughlin cogman99@rogers.com 1985 Toronto, ON
Dave Coules dcoules@cogeco.ca 1973 Oakville, ON
Suzy Coulter (Skolnick) suzanneskolnick@hotmail.com 1991 Temecula, CA
Dave Cowan Grandrouge@sympatico.ca 1983 Toronto, ON
James Cowan thebirdnerd@on.aibn.com 1988 Vittoria, ON
Linda (McPeak) Cowan lcowan@primus.ca 1980 Mississauga, ON
Gary Cowieson brali@sympatico.ca 1972 Toronto, On
Mike Cox mikecox68@msn.com 1987 Oakville, ON
Raymond A. K. Cox raymondcox3@gmail.com 1973 Whitby, ON
Cheryl Craig cheryljcraig@hotmail.com 1986 Toronto, ON
Trev Crawford e0fwkaxk@credit.erin.utoronto.ca 1995 Mississauga, ON
Doug Crawshaw doug.crawshaw@spcorp.com 1987 Newmarket, ON
William (Bill) Cringan wcringan@rogers.com 1978 Mississauga, ON
Natascha Crispino n.crispino@utoronto.ca 1993 Toronto, ON
Stuart Croall scroall@hotmail.com 1992 Winnipeg, Man.
Jan Crone (Abate) janabate@bellsouth.net 1981 Acworth, Georgia
Stephanie Cross (Moran) stephanieM@cogeco.ca. 1990 Oakville, ON
Cathy Crosson (Parish) ciszparish@hotmail.com 1986 Oshawa, ON
Beth Crossley (Milne) beth.milne@moh.gov.on.ca 1979 Kingston, ON
James Crozier jcrozier@feelgoodgifts.ca 1982 Burlington, ON
Adam Cruickshank adam@fourmark.com 1983 Oakville, ON
Russell Cruickshank russyyz@hotmail.com 1980 Toronto, ON
Jim Cryder jcryder@telus.net 1980 Vancouver, BC
Chris Cudahy ccudahy@yucc.yorku.ca 1993 Vancouver, BC
Sarah Cuffley scuffley@sld.com 1994 Bradford, ON
Laura Culic fineart@idealized.com 1980 Toronto, ON
John Cullen cullenjd@yahoo.com 1992 Hamilton, ON
Libby Cullen libby_cullen@hotmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Thomas Cullen tcullen@grics.net 1993 Pekin, IL
Alanna Cully alanna_cully@hotmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Randall Culp randolph113@hotmail.com 1972 Angus, ON
Barbara Culpeper (Sterling) barbara@peppercreative.com 1978 Kelowna, BC
Tamara Cureatz tcure024@uottawa.ca 2002 Ottawa, ON
Shannon Curley curley@rogers.com 1988 Mississauga, ON
Martina Curran (Harkness) tarmina@shaw.ca 1971 Duncan, BC
Brian Currell lcurrell@pathcom.com 1986 Burlington, ON
Janet Currell jcurrell@pathcom.com 1982 Mississauga, ON
Jason Currie jason@pmsm-architects.com 1995 Santa Barbara, CA
Jeff Currie j_c_currie@hotmail.com 1996 Toronto, ON
Robert Cuthbertson robert@bentdesign.com 1991 Toronto, ON
John Daczicky John@email.cz 1993 Prague, Czech 
Leah Dale guvzz_4life@hotmail.com 2001 Mississauga, ON
Bruce Dalgarno bdalgarno@hotmail.com 1993 Burlington, ON
Steve Dalgarno mcstevied@yahoo.ca 1995 Burlington, ON
Kevin Dallimore kdallimore1@hotmail.com 1984 Mississauga/Cavendish, PEI/ON
Larry Dallimore telar@rogers.com 1973 Mississauga, ON
Sandra Dalton (Squires) ssquires@rogers.com 1988 Ajax, ON
Leandro D'Amico conejito_lea@hotmail.com 2001 Brampton, ON
Barbara Daniel (Musgrave) bmusgrave@rogers.com 1975 Mississauga, ON
Bob Daniel rgdaniel@gmail.com 1972 Owen Sound, ON
Cindy Daniel (Peters) cnpeters@aol.com 1993 Mason, OH
Andy Darmitz Andycap007@hotmail.com 2000 Mississauga, ON
Ryan Darville rytech@idirect.ca 1988 Richmond Hill, ON
Ryan Davidson ryandavidson2010@yahoo.ca 1997 Mississauga, ON
Cindy Davies cindy.ravenscroft@gmail.com 1976 Burlington , ON
Karen Davies (Jank) kjank@rogers.com 1980 Mississauga, ON
Ben Davis benjamin.davis84@gmail.com 2003 Mississauga, ON
Paula Davies (Corbett) paula.corbett@hbc.com 1982 Mississauga, ON
Mark Davis dbear767@hotmail.com 1972 San Jose, Costa Rica
Jane Davis-Munro davismunro@hotmail.com 1972 Toronto, ON
Kathleen Davison (Mortensen) hyggehus@sympatico.ca 1980 Kitchener, ON
Andrew Davy adavy59@hotmail.com 1999 Mississauga, ON
Mike Daw noniNpapa@aol.com 1970 Portland, ON
David Dawson davedawson4@hotmail.com 1980 Bolton, ON
Mark Dawson mark.dawson@sympatico.ca 1985 Burlington, ON
Rob Dekker dekker.ra@gmail.com 1979 Ottawa, ON
Michele Delaney mish_delaney@yahoo.com 1986 Toronto, ON
Michael del Rosario mdelr0075@yahoo.com 1984 Las Vegas, Nev
David Delves dcdelves@hotmail.com 1987 Ottawa, ON
Katherine Delves knmdk@hotmail.com 1983 Ottawa, ON
Michele de Meester (Gray) grayangel@sympatico.ca 1977 Brampton, ON
Christine Dempster (Pop) cdempste@sprint-canada.com 1990 Oakville, ON
Steve Demy steve.demy@shaw.ca 1979 Victoria, BC
Beth Dennis beth.dennis@gmail.com 1992 Mississauga, ON
Rob Dennis rdennis12@cogeco.ca 1985 Ancaster, ON
Julie Denny (Donofrio) lettersnlines@yahoo.com 1982 Mississauga, ON
Lisa Denny (Simmons) lincolnsimmons@aol.com 1989 Owen Sound, ON
Michele Denny (Clarke) image.design@on.aibn.com 1976 Mississauga, ON
Erin Denton nancyfacepants@yahoo.com 2000 Vancouver, BC
Navin Deoram NDeoram@yahoo.com 1997 LA, California
Misty DeRepentigny mdderepentigny@hotmail.com 2003 Oakville, ON
Christine deValk (Grant) cgrant@metalogic-inc.com 1984 Mississauga, ON
David Deveney d.deveney@rogers.com 1975 Mississauga, ON
Gary Deviveiros Gary.deviveiros@health.lmig.ca 1994 Mississauga, ON
Steve ( went to U.S.) Dewey theshadowwolf@hotmail.com 1984 Burlington, ON
Ornob Dey deyx9430@wlu.ca 2002 Mississauga, ON
Aditya Dhar aditya.dhar@sympatico.ca 2008 Waterloo, ON
Christine Dhingra (Cole) jcbecole@rogers.com 1981 Kanata, ON
Heather Diachun (Scott) toddscott@rogers.com 1989 Kitchener, ON
Laura Diachun lauradiachun@rogers.com 1986 London, ON
Lisa Diachun ldiachun@gmail.com 1983 Oakville, ON
Natalia Diaz shopmeg44@hotmail.com 1998 London, ON
Eldean J. Dickenson wealthbuilder@sympatico.ca 1991 Mississauga, ON
Marlo Dickie (Martin) marlomartin@cogeco.ca 1987 Oakville, ON
Meritt Dickie (Harnett) meritt@cogeco.ca 1986 Burlington, ON
Patrick Dicerni 9pd2@qlink.quuensu.ca 1999 Kingston, ON
Suzanne Dicerni sdicerni@hotmail.com 1995 Kingston, ON
Kevin Dillman kevindillman@hotmail.com 2000 Red Deer, AB
Jim Dirstein dirstein@iinet.net.au 1975 Perth, Australia
Bill Dithurbide gdit03@yahoo.ca 1986 Mississauga, ON
Karen Divorty karendivorty@hotmail.com 1995 Mississauga, ON
Michelle Doak doakm@ca.ibm.com 1991 Mississauga, ON
Karen (Yakelashek) Doan karen@karendoanevents.com 1979 Scottsdale, AZ
Carolyn Dobbins cmccutcheon@yahoo.com 1981 Whitby, ON
Mark Dobrovszky mdobrovs@mobility.com 1998 Mississauga, ON
Wendy Dodge wdodge5@rogers.com 1992 Burlington, ON
Leanne Doggett Leanne.doggett@hbc.com 1993 Mississauga, ON
Cameron Donaldson [aka Mr.Cam] mrcam@rogers.com 2001 Mississauga, ON
Carolyn Done cclatworthy@cogeco.ca 1983 Parry Sound, ON
Andrew Donen andrewd@shaw.ca 1990 Calgary, AB
Wayne Doran waynedoran@rogers.com 1975 Mississauga, ON
Joya Doub joyadoub@hotmail.com 1998 Ottawa, ON
Amy Douglas amyd_82@hotmail.com 2001 Mississauga, ON
Donna Douglas ddouglas2@rogers.com 1989 Mississauga, ON
Cathy Dowhan (Kiernan) kiernan@hhsc.ca 1978 Hamilton, ON
Bill Dowling billdowling@eyecandyfilms.com 1990 Oakville, ON
Jason Downard jalus25@hotmail.com 1999 Mississauga, ON
Jenny Downard sunnyd_83@hotmail.com 2002 Toronto, ON
Amanda Dowling amanda.dowling@ac.com 1993 Toronto Island, ON
Colleen Downes cldownes@hotmail.com 1998 Mississauga, ON
Sarah Downes sedownes@hotmail.com 1996 Mississauga, ON
Steven Downes steven_downes@hotmail.com 1994 Vancouver, BC
Ann Downey (Rudkin) sodabread@rogers.com 1978 Mississauga, ON
Wendi Drachenberg (Krewdel) wkrewdel@cogeco.ca 1987 Oakville, ON
Alan Drummond p_urp_le@yahoo.com 1990 Mississauga, ON
Everett Duchesne everettd@sympatico.ca 1994 Oakville, ON
Adam Duckett adam_duckett@dell.ca 1994 Calgary, AB
Marc Duffy marcone35@hotmail.com 1970 New Smyrna Beach, FL
Jeff Duggan jduggan1@cogeco.ca 1990 Milton, ON
Michelle Duggan michelleduggan@rogers.com 1993 Mississauga, ON
Melanie Dulos (Thompson) melaniedulos@gmail.com 1996 Toronto, ON
Alan Duncan adun@duncansystems.com 1978 Oakville, ON
Debbie Duncan (Perks) racking@workmail.com 1982 Mississauga, ON
Steve Duncan racking@workmail.com 1982 Mississauga, ON
Robert Dunford dunford@pathcom.com 1982 Toronto, ON
Alana Dunn (McIntyre) alanamcintyre@hotmail.com 1990 Guelph, ON
Laurie Dunn (Tandan) whazupb@hotmail.com 1988 Ottawa, ON
Lance Dunn lance_dunn@hotmail.com 1989 Mississauga, ON
Dan Dunlevy dandl@cois.on.ca 1986 Barrie, ON
Carolyn Dunne ckdunne@sympatico.ca 1986 Milton, ON
Sean Dunne seandunne696@gmail.com 1988 Milton, ON
Mark Durie sdurie@sympatico.ca 1974 Georgetown, ON
Rob Dutka ghostcadet@hotmail.com 2000 Hamilton, ON
Mark Duxbury ml2duxbury@yahoo.com 1994 Belleville, ON
Samantha Duxbury Amnesty_duxbury@yahoo.com 1996 Mississauga, ON
Steve Dmytrasz dmytrasz@amgen.com 1991 Toronto, ON
Rob Dyson salmonid4@hotmail.com 1989 Whistler, BC


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